Children Of The Night

Children Of The Night

☞ Halloween is past, but the mood lingers on. Perhaps it’s because every day seems like Halloween, and all saints day is far away.

☞ In a season of vampires, we’re going out on a limb here at 3T and declare Bela Lugosi the best Dracula yet. Gary Oldham runs honorable second, being expert at weird, but Lugosi put the trademark on the Transylvanian vampire. Best example is when he’s in the shadows of his cobweb castle, Dracula harkens to wolves howling outside. With a leering sinister grin accompanied by an ironically gleeful tone, he says: “Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make!” Imagine, wolves as children of the night. Incomparable.

☞ What is comparable to Dracula’s sinister surmise would be reporters and pundits commenting on the BLM and Antifa riots of the past two years, reporting the torching of stores and cars as “mostly peaceful protests.” By doing so, they put themselves right smack in the role of Dracula praising the children of the night.

☞ Nancy & Chuck kneeling in the capitol with Afro-printed scarves slung around foolish necks, they indulged in the same act of honoring children of the night. And no knees taken for the subsequent numbers of sufferers who had nothing to do with the death of a felon. Further, while praising howling children, these putative leaders only led solely in the attack on the American middle class. All part of the same act: children of the night setting whole communities on fire, while congress men and women, along with covens of witches and vampires, honor them.

☞ Chuck & Nancy have little remorse for the middle class, same as the king’s men had. A nation of shopkeepers! That expression of disdain reveals how much respect British parliamentarians held for the American colonists who were threatening revolt. What threat from a nation of shopkeepers! And the mean king was worse. He slapped another tax on those shopkeepers— largely on sugar. Sugar Act. Molasses Act. No end to raping the sugar trade.

☞ It was in fact sugar that formed a key factor in the colonial break with England. All those taxes on sugar caused molasses smuggling to flourish. When four of those smugglers were caught by the crown, their trial defense attorney was James Otis, a sadly obscured but primal figure in pre-revolution America. Otis argued an acquittal for the sugar smugglers, and the reason he put forth was because the law against them was “unconstitutional!” One observer in the court room to observe that famous constitutional defense was John Adams. It could be said the situation was blood for sugar. In other words, the sugar taxes were brutal. They were not sweet. They were so sour they helped to start a revolution, shed more blood, and found America.

☞ The nation of shopkeepers gained its freedom, found a glory in manufacture, but over time lost it to others. During the Eisenhower administration the service industry took for the first time the major hunk out of the gross national product. The rising service industry, what might fondly be called “the massage industry,” has predominated ever since. Service and labor bumped industry, and so manufacturing went out with the wind to foreign lands—

— Oh, scuse, dear reader. It was rash to say “foreign.” Only savages say “foreign.” Even though someone might originate from a foreign country, bearing a foreign passport— if any at all— it’s still inappropriate to refer to that individual as a foreigner. In the hope of avoiding any triggered micro-aggressions, instead of indicating foreign interests sucking up American manufacture, let’s say that enterprise was sucked up by “our global trading partners.”

☞ Yet the nation of shopkeepers had survived to the extent that a couple of centuries plus, after the malicious king got trumped, shopkeepers supplying various technical institutions were able to manage putting a man on the moon. See, no longer was there a nasty king to hinder the flow of creativity and production. But many children a few generations hence have largely given up on the fundamentals of why they should love what they have. And it’s doubtful that any man jack of them have a spit of an idea who James Otis was. Seems all that remains in their hearts is a love for sugar.

☞ Thus armed with malevolent signs and more malevolent equipment in order to apply their learned hatred, the children set out in the night to set the country right. Outfitted in those chic butch spandex outfits which would’ve been the envy of any Mussolini troll, the children of the night set out to take down the shops. What music they make!

☞ That’s why Chuck S. and Nancy P. kneel down in the capitol. And they’re still kneeling. Someone should tell them to stop kneeling— and take off those silly bandanas! Their work is done. The children of the night have accomplished the set goal. Who knows exactly who set it? But someone did. Someone thought it was a good idea to take down the shopkeepers. By accomplishing this task, which is still a work in progress, they have consequently crippled the middle class of American enterprise and freedom— what’s left of it.

— Oh dear! Scuse again! Sorry for use of the word “crippled,” which was certainly not intended to trigger any further micro-aggressions. Let the more appropriate designation “challenged” be substituted. Indeed, challenged is definitely the word to describe what’s facing the entire enterprise chain connected to distribution, supply, and consumption.

☞ Actions of the children in their night-time “protests” would please the heart of any vampire who wokes out of his, or her, or its urban coffin to fire up past conflicts and historical hatreds. A successful capitalist middle class is a stake in the hateful heart of any empire lover, whether king or communist or living dead blood sucker in the White House.

☞ And the children condemned to dwell in the night, most of whose lives have been disproportionately spared from want, are systematically bitten by socialist vampires. Those expensive bites cause the children to spend their nights howling in the streets, enough to warm the heart of Dracula himself. What music they make.

☞ How’s about a young woman, with an obvious appetite for sugar, helping to tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln under the banner of race hatred? Or another carbohydrate-challenged woman cheering on that glorious deconstruction through her blow horn? How’s that for sour icing on the bitter cake? Only someone with the heart of Dracula would find that sight delicious.

JoCo, Halloween, 2022


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