The New Green Raw Deal

The New Green Raw Deal

Another insufferable time change accompanied by collective pain felt in the ying yang over yet another leftover folly of modernism: daylight savings time. Most annoying is that jerking the clock back and forth started as a gift from Nazi Germany and human engineering at its finest, stretching daylight hours for getting more work out of war builders. And of course, since it bore the European imprimatur, the US followed suit.

☞ Seen rightly by Navajos as cutting a blanket at one end and sewing it on the opposite end to make the blanket longer, the tradition of artificial time has been carried through the years like a genetic flaw that haunts a family for generations— except for the Navajos. And that was status quo on What time is it? Until the latest wrinkle of modernistic folly. Congress is all for doing away with normal hours altogether, and replacing them with savings time forever. High noon and a bright Spring sun overhead is evidently too natural for the citizenry, especially for city dwellers whose sneakers never touch soil. Shucks, in the middle of all them tall buildings, they can’t even see the sun! Believing that the power will never fail, lights will always be brightening Broadway, the congressional goal is fixing the clock to keep artificial time forever and ever. Greenwich mean time is presumably too mean.

☞ This notion is presented with a certain dash of amusement for a cosmic reporter. That’s cosmic, not comic being discussed here, although the two often intermingle. The cosmic aspect involves jumping around in time and space to get the full effect of modern vs. post-modern comedy, such as the New Green Raw Deal.

☞ Those who marvel at Professor Victor Davis Hansen’s commentary enjoy the brilliance of a critic at work connecting ancient tropes with contemporary politics. Not really able to match his broader scope, the view from this chair seeks small ironies laced together through time. It seeks out the burrs in the blanket of history. When asked why he read history, John Keats replied: “Shopping for images.” That fits the goal here. Yet the images being shopped for this piece fit more into the angle described by no less than Karl Marx himself, who observed that facts of history first start as tragedy and show up later as farce.

☞ For example: Once upon a time, when humor lived, comics like Milton Berle joked about world situations, including a cold war with Russia. A recurrent joke, one I was too young to get at the time, was mention of “Soviet Union Five-Year Plans.” Failing miserably, people laughed at the grandiose technocratic schemes of comic commies, humor shared by well-fed Americans. But I later learned that it wasn’t so funny. A species of five-year plans sprung out of what was then a prevailing Soviet theory of agricultural production. Pie-in-the-sky, so delicious to the socialist, turned out to be not so nutritious to its population.  Touted as a plant-engineering breakthrough, collective farming turned out to be the bust people laughed about, resulting in crop failure, starvation, and death of millions.

☞ The full significance of Soviet grain shortage hit home when my uncle Pete was trucking grain to the dock in Stockton, California, to off-load on Soviet ships. Part of a humanitarian program during the Eisenhower era to feed starving Ukrainians while freeing up costly domestic grain storage. “Those ship hands work their asses off loading up that stuff!” Uncle Pete declared with some wonder. “And they work for nothing.”

By that time I knew enough to think that uncle Pete was a trifle naive about payoff in the collective system. Only, now that the full payment of one-party rule has been shown to cost its waste in decimated populations tricked into believing such jive, and run by corrupt committees devoted to the denial of individual achievement, personal wealth, and— oh, yes— freedom, I’m not so sure uncle Pete wasn’t right after all. Nothing does indeed seem to be the sum total of collective pay.

☞ The Soviet farm system wasn’t even working at all until one Ukrainian theorist was able to convince enough influential party members, along with member farmers, that he possessed the secret of growing plants without ordinary fertilizing methods. Rejecting basic biology rooted in Mendel’s genetic theory, Trofim Lysenko believed plant environment was all that mattered. The system he devised grew to be an entire Soviet scientific movement after Josef Stalin anointed him. Lysenko, himself an acolyte of an uneducated Ukrainian farmer, became an institution in Russia while American comics joked about failed five-year plans, and everyone laughed— except starving Ukrainians.

☞ Lysenko’s brand of a new green deal, resulting in the aforementioned tragedy of millions of fellow Ukrainians starved and dead, strikes an exemplary note in these chronicles. What with Ukraine so much in the news of late, what happened there in the name of “modern technological engineering” does connect bitterly to our own current communal folly.

☞ Nature vs. Nurture was the title fight. Plant replication is not genetic, stated Lysenko;  they just need to weather environment. Therefore, following generations will adapt accordingly. They will have to toughen up— eh, comrade— like the people. Mendel’s genetic theory, positing heritable traits: so much bourgeois bull! (Which would be news to Watson and Crick who started mapping the genome universe.) To the reigning social shape-shifters, the idea of being able to nurture an organism by external conditions— virus or human— was held as solemn belief. Including social controls, environmental conditions are the supreme maker. (And don’t tell us your little boy doesn’t like dresses! He can be made to like them by nurturing his female side.)

☞ Lysenko proclaimed, over the bodies of millions of Ukrainians and other collectivists, that natural Mendelian biological principles— down to genetic structure, comrades— is all made up! Ideas vomiting out of the decadent brains of capitalist sex fiends! He rejected the idea of interior coding as heritable instruments of biological music. To him, and techno boobs like him who swallowed theories of conditioning behavior— and plant reproduction— is simply stimulated response to environment. Think of Pavlov’s salivating dogs.

☞ No experts in virology present here, still the question should be raised in our own biological pandemonium concerning natural immunity. Does not human heritable biological workings— T-cells and all— help secure the body against those demons in the blood? Mother nature, thought of here as “Mom Green,” has been at it for a very long time. Eons. It’s a fact that even dot.commie controllers of doodle box information cannot completely hide: natural immunity against the Wu Flu Bogey Bug is many times more effective than any vaccine. So wouldn’t this indicate how Mom Green has been fighting off blood vermin a bit longer, and more assiduously, than pipsqueaks in funky laboratories? And she apparently fights the manufactured ones more effectively, as well.

But emphasis from the establishment in cheering White House endorsement puts full faith and credit in vaccines. Politicos have thrown in completely with technology, the same as happened to Lysenko a hundred years ago.

☞ The German philosopher Friedrich Juenger had already assessed technological madness by writing in 1939 The Failure Of Technology— same era as Lysenko’s Ukrainian plant engineering. Juenger’s condemnation of these manipulations seem prophetic: “These measures,” he writes in reference to supposed tech miracles, “are somehow offensive to our human vanity, but they are also ironically comic, considering that nature is by no means a passive victim of our exploitation. For, as we have seen before, nature answers the conquest of technology by a counter-invasion of his own; as we destroy it, it destroys us with the elementary forces we think we have captured.” [italics added]

☞ That Lysenko’s nurture-over-nature principle was blessed by Lenin is farcical in the first place, but it held on tenaciously beyond Stalin’s time. What could have held it together through the tragic consequences it produced? Did they think they had a winner to hold on to? And yet, some Lysenko fans are still around. Maybe too much was invested to let a little thing like truth get in the way, comrade, to let something like five million Ukrainians starving to death, some of the victims driven to…

— Pardon, this next bit requires brief pause for a second Bloody Mary (red drink made with vodka) just to explain how badly the collective folks of Ukraine were starved?

— “And elsewhere!” Putin argues mightily against declaring the Ukrainian starvation a genocide. “Other collectives faced starvation as well!” Vladimir insists.

—Yet the question remains, a gnawing question of how did it happen that surviving Ukrainians had been so starved for so long that some were actually reduced to consuming each other? But then, “with all the bodies littering the streets.” Such was an actual survivor’s quote. Unimaginable what tragic scenes that image conjures. You couldn’t shop for an image more intimate with damnation. The despair surrounding those horrid circumstances makes it sound almost natural, which illustrates the utterly tragic part of Lysenko’s new green deal farce.

☞ What connects Lysenko’s obdurate foolishness  to our own great commotion opera are the multitudes of New Green Deal meteorological prophets of doom on these very shores. They rave through the cyclops screen. They loom over committee rooms throughout America, making a sound with that familiar farting ring of Lysenko’s green new deal of miracle fertilizer. The prospects are remarkably similar, same trappings, same odious aroma. The same type of group-thinkers silencing their cowering opposition, the way the KGB went after serious Russian scientists who championed the old bourgeois idea of natural genetics superior to nurture. Very like the way today’s outspoken critics of Pope Fauci’s mask masquerades are silenced. Lysenko’s word was also as infallible as a pope’s. Even Lysenko’s old mentor, botanist Nikolai Vavilov, along with many others was sentenced to a gulag future of jail, starvation, and death. The lucky ones were merely dismissed from their posts.

☞ Political ideology (or idiology) on the books or screaming screens is alive with new green raw deal headings, all bearing the same familiar marks of commie committee control jargon. Information is either backed or blotted according to the whim of dot.commie propagandists, and abetted by agents harassing those struggling to keep out of the gulag. More than a spot of bother to see scientists and medicos on these shores now faced with similar exclusions of job loss and social shunning (prisons preparing for them to join capitol protesters accused of “insurrection”). The entire sit-com fits as farce to the second-hand stupidity Marx noted when dumb historical moves are repeated. The irony is downright palpable: bureaucratic fools in this country imitating Ukraine on more than one level— and the most dubious leadership in American history itching to lead the nation into the latest insanity and start a war over… where? Why, Ukraine.

— Vlad the Terrible with Associates

☞ Other Russian issues aside– and there are plenty– America seems to be facing a rendezvous with Russia and a sore imitation of Ukrainian destiny. Russia has slobbered over Ukraine historically for its warm water ports and rich resources. How else is Putin going to ship his oil year around except from southern shipping docks? Those who have seen the pioneer film of Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin will be reminded that Odessa was celebrated in soviet cinema as an initial flashpoint for starting the revolution— and conflict is starting all over again from that same location. Putin has egregiously nullified glasnost by invading Crimea and launching previous attacks on Ukraine— seizing ships, military offenses, etc.— during the dippy tenure of Obama’s foreign relations B team. (No Ronald Reagan there.) And presently in place is the most miserable scrub team running the White House. Demonstrating an admirable politic ability of failure in Afghanistan, how could Vlad the Terrible resist making his move?

☞ But courting with arms at Russia’s borders, as well as a date with Ukraine, we put aside. This is only about the show playing at home, the New Green Raw Deal, because it appears to be straight from the days of dubious science in Ukraine. The hubris of technocrats boasting total control seems to know no limit. And climate is at the top. No regard for solar activity or continental drift or ocean currents or historical climactic patterns which have been shifting from volcanic heat to ice ages since… well, since the planet. All those moods Mom Green went through. Shucks, just making it through the Pleistocene period alone… All those glaciers swapping in and out, and mammoths roaming around… You wouldn’t like it. Real estate was terrible.

☞ Morever, simplistic belief that salvation rests in hands of smart folks driving electric cars is a measure of jarghead gullibility to the max. So far as the global warming trend demonstrates human effect, there is more than guilty car exhaust. The symbolic victim of global warming, the polar bear, is just as threatened in the Arctic by random accumulations of pesticides, PCBs, and a host of other toxic blends swirling over his furry head. One relatively new substance detected is flame retardant in furniture and construction materials, which makes plump posteriors plopped on couches as guilty as what poots out the exhaust pipe of my old Mercedes. Looks as though we are each and every one connected to a cycle of production-consumption-molecular degeneration on our merry way to entropy. Only a jarghead could see the solution to a problem of such global dimension as a solar collector or car battery, a technical device (pace, Mr. Musk) compounded of a greater toxicity than that already threatening polar bears. So just one question: Who are the true jargheads? Those who falsify science for naked power, or those who believe it?

☞ Preventing complete disclosure available in both fields of disasters lately felt— disease control and climate panic— how those problems are faced share the same questionable approach. Nearly total disregard for natural immunity’s role on the part of the organization designed to fight disease, the CDC provides an example of technocratic abra-cadabra idiology lit like neon. That exchange from “natural” immunity to “herd” immunity is amusing on its own, considering the masses involved behaving like herds. But to minimize a basic process like natural immunity is to ignore how Mom Green has protected us just to evolve to this present predicament. And the same charge of collective lunacy goes for banning other proven healing medicament. That, and so much more Lysenko-style fertilizer, speaks sadly of the information control with dada data employed by social shape-shifters.

☞ Dada data? Really seems a workable concept, considering how the two words are linked: data and dada. To an Australian who says his Ts like Ds, the words are identical in sound: Dada, Data. And they borrow the same sense as well when we behold the manner of data usage today. It’s dada.  To brush up on Dada, it started as a movement among European artists after the first world war to express in various forms the futility of mechanized existence. Their general style was then a reduction of artistic expression to nihilistic absurdity. The movement has been well-represented in art up to the present. Think Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning, and the like.

Numbers of the science community appear to be establishing their own Dada movement. Besides ignoring natural immunity and the many Wu Flu treatments available, besides a worthless maskerade (mask + charade) enforced by the CDC, and deadly isolation of the citizenry, “misinformation” patrols seek even more for the ideological guillotine. So data is massively reduced to dada surrealism.

Data on who actually succumbed to the virus= dada.
Data on incidence of obesity in patients= nearly dada.
Data on rate of natural immunity= dada.
Data on just about anything not related to pushing the twenty per cent effective vaccines= dada.
Governors forcing victims into infected nursing homes in the count of Wu Flu dead-= dada
Comorbidities, such as dying of gunshot wounds with Wu Flu, count as dada.
Vaccine data of recurrent cases after vaccination= dada.
Mask effectiveness= nada.

Data dada issues from too many disciplines lately shunting integrity for what would be, in the words of one dadaist, “a new qualitative view of reality.” Lysenko-type mania has even seeped into Lancet.This most prestigious medical journal is lately exposed for covering up the connections between Wuhan and NIH. And most supported universal non-corporate lock-downs when even Daniel DeFoe, writing Journal of the Plague Year of the 17th century London plague, surmised that “shuttering in” caused more harm than good: dada before its time.

☞  For educational purposes, the Great Barrington Declaration might be checked out wherein the dada data mentioned above is fully outlined by an army of remaining respectable medicos.

☞  Right alongside the biological plague is the plague of “misinformation.” A new concept in journalism borne on the wings of the one-eyed cyclops. It took some time to realize that those born in the Age of Television, ATV, forming in a house with a winking cyclops, that they themselves lose sight in one eye . A terrible affliction preventing the viewer to see both sides of an issue. And worse yet, that singular vision has shrunk to doodle box mini-sight!

☞  Friedrich Juenger had already observed politically driven science, with its dada data: [S]ince “the technician does not concern himself with anything beyond his own field, the ideology becomes a most handy tool. As the technician aspires to universal power, yet is interested only in his specialty, the ideology fills a gap, it abridges a vacuum; hence, the alliance between technology and ideology.” [italics added] The technocrat, especially one in a culture so imbued with reverence for technology, “needs the crutches of some vulgarized faith as peddled by the demagogue. Technical knowledge is accessible to anyone who wants it; it also can be pilfered, stolen, spied out, and it can be shipped to any point on the globe.”

☞ Ukrainian-style panacea trumpeted on these shores make it seem as though Trofim Lysenko now heads the Department Of Energy— especially seeing what the energy czars plan for gas. And that’s gas in all forms, besides that expelled in D.C. Gasoline-driven vehicles are old pariahs. Outrageous prices at the pump was easy to envision even in the 90s (again catching up to Europe.) But pump prices are a happy commodity when compared to prospective shortages in home gas supply, as we all swing— each citizen and “undocumented”— onto the electric merry-go-round. That blazing kilowatt challenge upon the power grid is inestimable.

☞ So the question arises: Since we seem so hell-bent in pursuing Ukrainian lifestyle, when the energy-starved grid fails, will Americans be eating each other?

Just so we can keep an artificial hour.

JoCo, 2022


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